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Gaby Moreno

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Grammy-Nominated & Latin Grammy-Winning Artist

María Gabriela Moreno Bonilla, professionally known as Gaby Moreno, is a Guatemalan singer-songwriter and guitarist. She became known to broader audiences in Latin America after recording a song with Ricardo Arjona in 2011, called "Fuiste Tú" (700M+ views). She was nominated for a Grammy in 2017, and she has won the Latin Grammy award in 2013. She has released 8 albums since 2009.

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What To Expect From
Gaby Moreno’s Interview 

  • “Success is being happy with your work. It is loving your work so much that all you want to do is more, to keep going.”

  • “Disappointment comes built into the music industry.”

  • “There is always going to be a door closed or an opportunity that you can see and not grasp. The way to deal with disappointment is to keep moving forward. Don’t waste energy dwelling on it, spend your energy looking for another opportunity or something you can learn.”

  • “You do not need to study to be a good musician. You need to learn but that doesn’t necessarily mean in a classroom. Music is about expression, which you can learn from a lot of places and things not just at a fancy music school. Your path is different from everyone else’s, what is right for someone else may not be the way for you to succeed.”

  • “As a musician you have to be open to your surroundings. You have to hold on to what motivates you so that you can ignore the things that drag you down. You must be able to just keep going if you want to succeed.”

  • “Every mistake that you have made has shaped you. Whether it was a small mishap or a huge failure, every step you’ve taken has gotten you closer to being who you are supposed to be. Learning from mistakes is invaluable. Nothing can replace the lessons you’ve learned from failure.”

  • “Key traits of the successful musician: Receptive. Inspired. Passionate. Disciplined. Positive.”

  • “You are valuable. Your work is valuable. It may not feel like it right now but the world needs good music, your music. Hold on to your passion, keep moving forward, use your gift to give something back to the world and those around you.”

The interview is still available to watch here…

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