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Leah McHenry

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Celtic-Metal Recording Artist & Music Business Educator, Mom of 5

Leah McHenry (artistically known as LEAH) is a Celtic-metal recording artist, the creator & founder of Savvy Musician Academy, and homeschool mom of 5. She has built a 6-figure music career, using a Niche Marketing approach and without touring. Her recent 30-day, $87,000 crowdfunding campaign has lead to a multiple 6-figure album launch.

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What To Expect From
Leah McHenry’s Interview 

  • “Success is always evolving for independent and creative thinkers, which is why it is so hard for artists and entrepreneurs to appreciate their successes.”

  • ”It is important for you to allow yourself to feel successful before moving on so that when new challenges arise you have something to hold on to get you through it.”

  • “As a female musician you can have a family and a kick ass career. It is just like with anything else, you just have to prioritize how you spend your time. Do not waste hours doing something unnecessary to your goals. Spend your time frugally.”

  • “A musicians creativity will extend to innovative marketing if they allow themselves to invest energy into it, instead of being all music all the time.”

  • “The bad news is that all musicians in today’s world MUST be able involved with the business side of music in one way or another. The good news is that once musicians have embraced this fact they are actually capable of thriving.”

  • “In taking away the wall of ego or mystique one can actually communicate with fans for information - it can be extremely useful whether it’s in the types of merch they want or what new music they want. This communication allows musicians to have the final say but also to have the necessary information to make decisions about their next steps.”

  • “Restrictions are helpful because they make you more mindful of the specifics in your art. They promote critical thinking about how to make the most within the given framework. They allow for an artist to really focus in on creating something without getting overwhelmed by the vast possibilities through decision-making based on a factor other than the vision in the artist’s head.”

The interview is still available to watch here…

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