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Lindsay Katt

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Grammy-Nominated Musician, Award-Winning Film Director

Lindsay Katt is a Grammy-nominated musician, performing artist, and award-winning film director. Her music has been featured on MTV's The Real World, Teen Mom, ABC's Castle, Alias, and SYFY's Being Human, with music videos airing on MTV and Logo.

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What To Expect From
Lindsay Katt’s Interview 

  • “While it is important to do what gets you inspired it is also important to make sure that you finish what you start, so your time and energy as well as all of those involved is respected.”

  • “All things pass. A bad situation may last for a long time but it cannot last forever. It is easy for people who make a career out of expressing their emotions to get caught up in them. The way to deal with it is not try to overpower your emotions but rather accept them and move on.”

  • “Success is a balance between doing anything that you want with your art and being able to find a place of need for your art to fill so that you are enabled to produce more. It is rooted in the balance of making your art for yourself and making it to serve a community, ideally it can be both.”

  • “Part of being in a creative field, an inherently communicative discipline, is needing to be connected to the viewpoints of other people. You need to not only be able to communicate how you feel, but find a way to relate, to make a connection, to other people. Being open and accepting of others is vital.”

  • “Separating yourself from creation to protect your emotions, ego, etc. is not a good thing.”

  • “You must experience things; you must walk through life feeling even if it hurts. You also must learn to accept imperfection and love yourself and your work for what it is.”

  • “Everyone’s work is valuable, even if no one is paying attention to it right now.”

The interview is still available to watch here…

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