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Matt McJunkins

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Bass Player of A Perfect Circle, Ex-Touring Musician for Thirty Seconds To Mars

Matt McJunkins is an American musician best known for touring and recording with the American rock band A Perfect Circle. He is a former touring bassist for Eagles of Death Metal. He is one of the founding members of The Beta Machine, a rock band formed with Jeff Friedl. McJunkins has also worked with Thirty Seconds to MarsAshes DividePuscifer, and Socadia.

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What To Expect From
Matt McJunkins’s Interview 

  • “Being willing to put in hours of practice will only serve to elevate you from other musicians and taking the time to try new things, the right way (with effort, attention to detail etc.), will elevate you even further.”

  • “Even if you don’t feel comfortable or you think you failed every time you do it you grow, you get better and are more prepared for the future.”

  • “Success is not static. Success is achieved by constantly doing new things and challenging yourself to do more and more. It is about seeing how far you can go while still being true in your actions.”

  • “Being open to playing new music and learning new things, even if they aren’t necessarily something you feel comfortable with, will benefit you in the long run.”

  • “Be open to receiving advice from other more experienced people, in fact seek it out. If you love what you are doing, keep doing it. Do everything in your power to get better at it.”

  • “If you want to make music a full time career, you have to treat it as such.”

  • “You need to be willing to make your level of effort, your dedication, your perseverance, equal with the level that you want your music to be at.”

  • “You cannot get something for nothing. If you treat your music like a hobby (mainly by refusing to prioritize it) it will remain a hobby.”

The interview is still available to watch here…

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