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Millicent Stephenson

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Award-Winning Saxophonist, Educator, Mentor

Millicent Stephenson is an accomplished & acclaimed award-winning saxophonist. Recognising the lack of female musicians in the industry, Millicent founded ‘Cafemnee’ a networking event to empower women returning to their music. Millicent currently serves as a member of the Midlands Regional Committee of the Musicians Union (UK).

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What To Expect From
Millicent Stephenson’s Interview 

  • “Success for musicians is being able to make music a full time career and making a positive impact on others. Success is helping people, supporting people through music full time.”

  • “Organization and strategy are extremely helpful when it comes to achieving long term goals. Planning plays a major role but you cannot get upset if your plan needs adjusting. Find a goal, make a plan, adjust as many times as needed, achieve goal.”

  • “You cannot split yourself up into different versions of the same person. You are always the same musician, your have one music business. Your different roles are all cogs in the same machine, they are different but work together to make your business function. You need to therefore balance your attention between all of the cogs and adjust your attention according to your priorities.”

  • “Some obstacles that women face are lack of representation, assumptions about the expanse of their expertise and unwelcomed sexual advances. These are serious obstacles that many people may be unaware of. It is going to take action from both genders to make a real change in gender equality. No one should have to deal with feeling unsafe at work.”

  • “[As a female musician] if something bad does happen to you, do not be afraid. Speak up. You do not have to suffer in silence. Do what you have to do feel in control of your life.”

  • “As a young musician trying to go pro learning is important. Wether it is learning through personal experience, through observational learning, listening to podcasts, doing workshops or literally hitting the books growing as a musician and person is critical. Create good relationships and a good reputation.”

The interview is still available to watch here…

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