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Sebastian Kole

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Recording Artist & Songwriter for J Lopez, Flo Rida, Alessia Cara

Sebastian Kole (Coleridge Gardner Tillman) is an American singer-songwriter & producer, currently signed to EP Entertainment and Motown Records. Sebastian is known for co-writing for Jennifer Lopez & Flo Rida. He has worked with label-mate Alessia Cara, co-writing and co-producing her album, as well as alongside top music acts, from Usher to Ariana Grande, landing him in the spot of the #2 writer in the USA and #4 Worldwide.

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What To Expect From
Sebastian Kole’s Interview 

  • “Success is accomplishing what you set out to do. It isn’t money or fame or whatever else. It is simply setting a goal for yourself and achieving it.”

  • “You cannot force things to happen. The universe is always going to throw things in your way. The trick is figuring out where the universe wants you, working with it, so you won’t have to swim upstream anymore.”

  • “Performing and creating is the fun part. People pay you for the work you put in working on your craft, the time you spend making yourself better and better so that when the fun part comes around you can do your absolute best.”

  • “Even at our worst times we still have the ability to give value to others. Helping others, recognizing their problems and doing whatever we can to help actually helps us with our own struggles.”

  • “To increase creativity you have to let go of pressure and effort. You have to clear out all of the extra things in your mind to make room for creativity to enter.”

  • “Deadlines are not a point of termination. Deadlines are just a tool that we use to try to motivate ourselves and transform our dreams into reality.”

  • “Try not to give so much energy to feelings of sadness or disappointment, rather concentrate your energy on spreading joy to others and yourself.”

The interview is still available to watch here…

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