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Dr. Soo Wincci

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Award-Winning Singer, Actress, Entrepreneur

Soo Wincci is an award-winning singer, recording artist, actress, composer, celebrity chef, host, model, beauty queen, PhD holder and entrepreneur from Malaysia. Soo won the Media Choice Award in Malaysia's most prestigious Chinese music award (PWH) in 2015. She was recognized by the Malaysian Book of Records as The 1st Miss World Malaysia To Receive a PhD.

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What To Expect From
Soo Wincci’s Interview 

  • “Success is personal innovation, success must always be made new for the person experiencing it.”

  • “Continued success isn’t about fulfilling the outside expectations of others over and over again but rather receiving internal gratification for completing what one sets out to do, regardless of what others think.”

  • “Music is about communicating with people beyond words and beyond something quantitative. It is about connection, not perfection.”

  • “Discipline is important to grow your skill as an artist and is thus a crucial tactic for a young musician. However it should not hinder the creative side, the emotional side, the side that reels people in and makes them feel something.”

  • “Thinking of failure as strategy is an ingenious outlook. Everyone fails, it is unavoidable but knowing when to learn so that a higher level of success can be achieved is a skill central to making the best decisions regarding your career.”

  • “Don’t pay mind to the people around you who only focus on your failure. Know that your failure is for a purpose that you are growing for a purpose.”

  • “You are going to exceed every expectation simply because while everyone thought you were getting torn down, you were really building yourself up for something bigger.”

The interview is still available to watch here…

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