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Tanvi Shah

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First Grammy-Winning Indian Woman

Tanvi Shah is the first Indian woman to win a Grammy. She has sung in Tamil, Hindi and Telugu and added to it, she sings in Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese and other Latin languages. She has a running collaboration with A.R. Rahman and has sung a number of songs for him, including songs from Sillunu Oru KadhalSlumdog Millionaire and recently Delhi-6. She wrote the Spanish lyrics for "Jai Ho".

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What To Expect From
Tanvi Shah’s Interview 

  • “Successful musicians are people who feel pressure to rise to expectations just like everyone else.”

  • “Focus on producing what has meaning to you; because if you fill a song with meaning, it will come across no matter what language it is in.”

  • “One of the most important decisions you can make is the decision of what to focus on. Are you going to get caught up in what other people think? Or are you going to focus on yourself and meet your goals head on?”

  • “Success as a musician, or other type of artist, is about the value of the connection you form with other people. Success is helping other people in any way you can.”

  • “If you are punctual, dedicated, diligent, and have discipline you can achieve anything regardless of your age or other fears.”

  • “Being a bigger artist, having more influence just brings more responsibility to take into account.”

The interview is still available to watch here…

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