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Tore Gonzalez

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Guitar Player for Mexican Award-Winning Band Here Comes The Kraken

Tore Gonzalez is the lead guitarist and co-founder of Here Comes the Kraken, a Mexican deathcore band, formed in 2007. They have released two full-length studio albums, two extended plays, and one demo. In May 2010, they won at the Indie-O Music Award for "Metal Band of the Year". The band has been touring for many years in Mexico, USA, and Europe.

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What To Expect From
Tore Gonzalez’s Interview 

  • “Success is the ability to keep doing what you love.”

  • “Success is not defined or limited by other people or external factors, it rests entirely with you.”

  • “You obviously can’t be a successful musician without making great music. However it is important to realize that creating is half the battle. Your music serves no one, not even you (at least from a financial standpoint), if it cannot reach people.”

  • “Don’t hesitate to do what you love and be patient that something will come out of it if you put the work in.”

  • “Make sure to surround yourself with people who are not only as passionate about music as you are, but who are also conducive to getting where you want to go.”

  • “If you persevere enough you might find that coming from a ‘unpopular country’ can actually be used as an asset to get you in front of audiences who are interested in your music because of where you come from.”

The interview is still available to watch here…

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